Welcome to Camp Liberty!

At the beginning of each camp day, campers arrive either by bus or are dropped off by their parents. Campers and counselors gather underneath the Camp Liberty Pavilion to sit with their assigned group and to sing Camp Liberty songs. Announcements about the day's activities are made here.

Teen Program

The Camp Liberty Summer Teen Program offers young people ages 13 to 15 years old, positive and exciting arts and recreation activities. Click here for more information about our Teen Program.


Camp offers a wide variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, handball, ping pong, and swimming. 


Speaking of swimming, every Wednesday after camp, we host Pool Party Wednesdays. Families of campers are invited to join in some refreshing pool fun.

Visual Arts

Camp offers daily art lessons led by professionally trained art teachers. At the end of each session, we host an art show featuring creative work from the campers during the session.

Board Games & Small Group Games

Board games and small group games allow campers to have fun and make friends. 


Campers can get in touch with nature through gardening activities such as weeding, watering, mulching, and composting. 


Every day is musical at Camp Liberty! Drum circles, singing, and dancing are offered.


For playing tag, sliding down, and swinging from some monkey bars, the Playground is offered for our younger campers.

Stay & Play Day

At the end of each session, Camp hosts a Stay & Play Day. Come watch a theatrical performance, watch a vaudeville show, and view artwork created by our talented campers.